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Assorted Puppies

We Provide AKC Registered Puppies

We are lucky enough to have a litter of 11 puppies available who were born on June 7, 2019, and will be ready for their new homes on August 9, 2019, when they are eight weeks old. The price is $2,950 per puppy with a down payment of $500 required to hold your puppy. You can find an application to start the process.

These puppies will have their eyes open soon, and when they are about five weeks old, we arrange a meet and greet with potential owners for a chance to interact with all the puppies. Visits are by appointment only, so contact us today.
Interested parties are encouraged to contact us and indicate if they want a male or female or they are open to either. These will be AKC (American Kennel Club) registered puppies. If an owner wants breeding registration for their puppy, that will be available at additional cost. At the age of two, those puppies will have to go through clearance tests for hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. Company owner Carol Benning will switch the certification over once clearance is obtained. 

Girls and Boys

This litter of healthy Golden Retriever puppies includes seven females and four males. When the puppies are three weeks old, we put out training pads, and the puppies start self-training. Your puppies will be two-thirds trained when they arrive at their new homes, but there will be the occasional accident because they are puppies. All our dogs will have their first shot before they leave White Fire Golden Retrievers.
Our seven female puppies include:
  • Cassy - Pink and White
  • Skyla - light Blue
  • Calypso - Orange
  • Aphrodite - Pink
  • Artemis - Green and White
  • Izzy - Purple and White
  • Iris - Yellow
In photos, you can see Iris with the yellow collar and pink flower. She is showing her character already as a food hound as she is always first to the dinner table. Calypso, sleeping on her back in one of the photos, is always with her brother Pharaoh.
Our male puppies include:
  • Bakura - Black
  • Pharaoh - Brown
  • Yugi - Green
  • Marik - Purple
Zakura is the social talker of the group, and he wants everyone to know him.

Puppies with Mother

Ready for Home

All our puppies are fully sensitized, so they integrate seamlessly into their new homes. We hold them, roll them on their backs, caress their tummies, and touch their feet. In this way, they learn about trust and how to be calm. These are not kennel-raised Golden Retrievers, they are family-raised and socialized with cats and children, so they are socialized for their new homes.